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New Condominiums at CityCenterDC

It is a very, very impressive project. Located between 9th and 11st streets NW a series of 6 buildings are moving towards completion as the first phase of CityCenterDC is prepared for delivery. Comprised of three pairs of buildings covering the condo, office and apartment sector, it promises to be one of the largest mixed use developments in the country.

I had read a fair bit about the project and was prepared to be wowed but it is fair to say that my meeting with the condo sales team left me feeling that the Washington Post description “It isn’t Central Park living, but it’s as close as it gets in DC”, did not do the project justice. The residences at CityCenterDC are special.

Designed by internationally acclaimed Foster and Partners, the quality of the individual condo units (as illustrated by the model unit) and the overall design of the building makes clear that this will be one of the premier locations to live, not just in Washington but globally. The building has all the features one would expect from a 21st Century luxury condo building – 24 concierge, yoga studios, fitness centers, spa, and wine cellar and a wonderfully conceived open-air rooftop fire pit

The condos are selling quickly and delivery is scheduled for late fall. Hope to have some more info on the commercial tenants soon but in the interim if you would like to discuss CityCenterDC, or any other real estate matter, drop me a line at rajlaw@yahoo.com or give me a call at (240)486-3921. Cheers!

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